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Hello, I'm Lukas Horak.
I am a full-stack JavaScript developer.

I build apps using React on front-end, and Node.js on backend.

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Short introduction

Hey there! Let me introduce myself again, my name is Lukas, and I am a full-stack JavaScript developer. I have over 6 years of experience developing websites and web applications. I enjoy working on both front-end and backend, but I work mostly on front-end part of apps. My go to library on front-end is React, and NodeJS on backend.

Right now, I'm working as a front-end lead at SecurityScorecard, building a platform that allows companies to monitor their security threats within their online presence or security of their vendors.

If you'd like, you can read more about me here, or scroll to see my development backpack (in other words the technologies I use daily).

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My development backpack


JavaScriptMy go to programming language pretty much for everything. Be it the front-end, backend, or a CLI tool.
TypeScriptI use TypeScript whenever I can, it has a great complier and type safety is the way to go!
HTMLMostly writing HTML in JSX, but from time to time I find myself writing a plain, classic HTML file.
CSSStyling of html elements; I usually go for styled-components or Sass.

Libraries and Frameworks

ReactMy favourite framework for building web front-ends and single page apps. I've been working with AngularJS before, but after trying React, I wouldn't go back.
GatsbyGreat framework for building blazing fast websites. By the way, this website is using Gatsby under the hood!
JestGreat tool for unit tests.
CypressWhen writing integration tests or e2e tests, I use Cypress, great debugging. Unfortunately Cypress runs in Chrome only, so no cross browser testing capabilities. For cross browser testing, I usually go with Testcafe or Selenium.
GraphQLStill just playing and exploring, but I think the concept of GraphQL is very well thought out.
ExpressWhen creating HTTP servers or APIs, I usually go for the combination of NodeJS and Express. Lightweight, easily extensible framework to build APIs and web servers.
RamdaUseful library to write functional JavaScript code.

Tools and Others

DockerI try to dockerize all the apps that I'm either using or building.
Drone CIFound this Docker-first CI, and using it on my custom projects. Very easy to set up and run. Everything Dockerized!
GitHubWhere I store all my git repositories...
PostgreSQLWhen I need relational database...
MongoDBWhen I need a noSQL database, or just quickly prototyping...
traefikGreat HTTP proxy and load balancer. Great support for Docker containers.
Visual Studio CodeMy favourite code editor.
iTerm2The best terminal app for MacOS!
These are what I use the most... Would you like to see more of my dev stack?
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Have a question?

Drop me a line at:[email protected]
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